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Dr. Turnbow

Nathan Turnbow D.D.S. Graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of dentistry in 2009.  He has worked at Blue Mountain Dental in private practice in Monticello, Utah and at the Community Health Clinic in Dove Creek, Colorado from June 2009 to present.  He has also worked at San Juan Hospital treating young children under General Anesthesia.

This diverse background has given Dr. Turnbow a wide array of experience such as:

He has dealt with cases of early childhood decay (baby bottle tooth decay) with patients as young as 2 years old with decay on every tooth.

He has worked on many patients at the health clinic with severe dental disease requiring complete dental rehabilitation such as fillings and or Crowns on nearly every tooth, Bridges, partial dentures and many cases requiring full mouth Extraction and Dentures.

He has dealt with patients who are interested in prevention of dental disease and maintenance of a healthy smile.

His experiences have helped to form his Practice Philosophy and primary goal as a Dentist which is to
"Help Your Smile Last a Lifetime".
In his free time Dr Turnbow enjoys riding horses, farming, woodwork, outdoor activities with his family.

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